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Mind and Soccer -fact sheet

What is the Minds Together LCSW PC Mind and Soccer program?

The “Mind and Soccer” initiative attempts to unite the benefits of sport and monitoring children’s mental health.


A sporting activity like soccer teaches children discipline, teamwork, effective communication, physical skills, and values that can be implemented at school and home. Mental health is already present in the activity itself, because we all know that a healthy and active child is less likely to suffer from mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, lack of communication, etc. and improve pre-existing conditions such as learning deficits, behavioral disorders, being diagnosed within the autism spectrum, trauma, among others.


What makes this project unique and special?

At each practice, in addition to the coach and assistants, a licensed therapist will be present and available to identify the aforementioned mental health conditions.


This initiative sees the opportunity for professional therapists to monitor and observe the behavior of children while they play sports, and together with the coach and assistants, identify possible mental health conditions that may be affecting the child, in order to create an appropriate work plan.


Is it a soccer practice or therapeutic session?

They are both. It is a regular soccer practice taught by a professional coach, who teaches soccer techniques and rules, ball skills and team practice. Children will develop as players depending on their level; basic, intermediate or advanced.


At the same time, the coach, assistants and therapist will provide a safe environment for children to develop and learn communication tools, in turn, how to combat bullying and lack of self-esteem. If necessary, the therapist will consult with parents about possible situations that require extra attention through individual therapy sessions.


Are individual therapy sessions necessary to participate in this initiative?

No, if the therapist believes it is necessary, he will contact the parents/guardians and inform them of the need for individual sessions, as these are not mandatory.


If parents decide to opt in for individual sessions, these will be scheduled outside of soccer practice times and can be held either at school or at the Minds Together LCSW PC offices.


Does the program have any cost?

No, the soccer class cost is covered by the school. Individual therapy session instead, may be covered by the child’s health insurance. You just have to keep in mind that there are insurance policies that have copayments or deductibles. If you do not have health insurance, you can inquire about a payment plan directly with Minds Together LCSW PC.